Music Bio

Who is Byron Holton?  Byron happens to be a self produced; self taught Pianist who has been inspired by the likes of Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, and Ray Charles

Not long after he picked up his 1st instrument he was placed in a group with his older brother and good friends forming the "Sounds of Success".   He and the group have opened for numerous acts like Usher Raymond, Bares Hammond, Jimmy Bo horne,  George Benson, Back Street Boys, Carl Thomas, Xscape, UNV Bobby Womack, etc.   The group even got the attention of Paula and Harry from "Good Morning America" and they appeared on channel 12's cameras for the announcement of the West Palm Beach's “SunFest”.  In 1996 the group sang the National Anthem for the Miami Heat.

After doing numerous Festivals and Charitable events the group split leading Byron to embrace his 1st passion, which is to play the Piano and write songs.  As a soloist Byron took the show on the road to New Jersey where he had the opportunity to work with the group Melky and Sadeck, and the Burrell Brothers (former producers and engineers of early Bad Boy records).   He also produced a number of Local Artist as well as a few acclaimed Recording artists like Juvenile of Cash Money records and Ace Hood during the year of 2005. While producing Byron also felt the need to perform to help promote and market his productions.

Byron’s persistent search for opportunities to perform landed him as a Bass vocalist with "The Miami Dolphins Voices" of 2009 under the direction of Gloria and Emilio Estefan, conducted by writer and Director/Founder Derrick Johnson of the "Voices of Liberty".   

It was soon after Byron was on his way to Recording his 1st Solo debut "Twisted" which featured songs like "Headache” and “Ya Body" all written arranged and produced by none other than himself.  The project was thought to be a success with a production dream team like Dave Poler (mastering) Carlos Alvarez (engineering) and Fabian Marasciullo mixing at The Hit "Factory Criteria of Miami"  More recently Byron moved on to work with long time friend “Kent Jones”  DJ Khalid’s protege’  to write concepts like (Colombiana)  and many more.  All while maintaining his spiritual beliefs and family values Byron manage to keep faith in "God" Byron found conviction in his own works "A Wretch Undone"compelling him to leave  R&B music as a life style and fully devoting not only his music but also his life to spreading the Gospel through "unconventional styles" landing him a rotation on South Florida's largest radio (99jamz) station without management or representation. Byron is currently working other Cristian artist such as: "Tdogg of IMG Strong and Surf Gvng" 

Meanwhile Byron's "Something About The Name Jesus" remains in rotation still. This young man's talent and drive will produce “wonders” for years and years to come. "Byron is definitely an independent artist to be on the look out for!"